Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The roads in Japan are in good condition, and the drivers of vehicles are well mannered so you can enjoy your cycling comfortably.

In order to enjoy cycling safely and prevent any trouble to pedestrians and other participants, you are requested to agree to the following terms upon applying for a JCTA bike tour.

・At all times, follow the directions/instructions given by the guide.
・In case of bad weather or any anticipated danger, the guide may call off the tour at his or her discretion.
・Depending on participants’ physical condition(s), the guide may recommend a shortened route or withdrawal from the tour.
・Age and height limits apply for some of the tours. Please check the guidelines for each bike tour.
・As the tours are held on public roads, the guide will lead you with the utmost care and attention. However, there is always the possibility of accidents and injuries. In such event, neither JCTA nor the individual guide will assume any responsibility.
・If you cause any damage to a third party or its property, you are solely responsible for the compensation.
・If an accident, disaster, or force majeure circumstances occur during the bike tour, any and all costs for the rescue and transportation will be borne by you or your family.
・If you rent a bicycle and any equipment, you are responsible for its maintenance during usage and must return them in the same condition. In case you are not able to return them because of damage, loss, theft and so on, you must pay the full amount of the items you have rented.

There may be different conditions for each cycling tour. In such case, those conditions will prevail. Please check the site for the terms of conditions.

Refund Policy (One Day Bike Tours)

Notification of Cancellation8-10 days prior2-7 days prior24 hours prior
Day of tourAfter tour start time or no-show
Percentage of Fees Charged20%30%40%50%100%

Refund Policy (Tours with Accommodation)

Notification of Cancellation20-8 days prior2-7 days prior24 hours prior
Day of tourAfter tour start time or no-show
Percentage of Fees Charged20%30%40%50%100%

Before the Bike Tour Starts
The tour will be cancelled when one or more of the following scenarios apply:

  1. If the tour fees are not paid by the prescribed date.
  2. If your cycling skill is not good enough to join the tour.
  3. If your height is lower than the height mentioned in the terms and conditions.
  4.  If we think you are unable to join the tour due to health problems.
  5. If we determine your requests are unreasonable and  beyond the terms of conditions.
  6. If the number of participants does not reach the minimum listed. If the minimum number of participants is not reached, you will be informed 3 days in advance of the bike tour (for one-day tours) and 13 days in advance (for tours two days or longer.
  7.  If certain conditions are deemed too dangerous to start the tour, including inclement weather.
  8. If the service providers of the tours, such as rental bike shops, hotels, and transportation stop their services

During the Bike Tour
The tour will be cancelled when one or more of the following scenarios apply:

  1.  If we judge that you are unable to continue the tour, due to sickness or injury.
  2. If you do not follow the instructions or rules for the smooth and safe conduct of the tour, or if you commit an act of violence or behave in a way that threatens the well-being or livelihood to participants, the guide, or others.
  3. If we deem conditions  too dangerous for the tour to continue safely.
  4. If the hotels or transportation are out of service.

Refund Policy

  1. If the tour is cancelled or unable to be continued, part of the services you have not received will be paid back to you after deducting the costs and expenses already incurred. (The refund will be credited to your credit card)
  2. If the tour is cancelled or unable to be continued, we will, at your request, make arrangements so that you can return to the point of departure. Additional costs incurred for the return will be charged to the participant(s).
  3. If you do not turn up at the meeting place by the appointed time (no show), the tour fee will not be refunded nor credited.