Cycling in Japan

Once known as the “Kyoto of the West”, Yamaguchi Prefecture is the westernmost part of Japan’s main island, Honshu. Blessed by mother nature, cycling is one of the best ways to discover nearby natural wonders and learn about the historical significance of Yamaguchi. Whether you’re seeking distance or scenery, Yamaguchi offers irresistible sights and stops!


100% Instagram-worthy! Cycle along one of Japan’s most unique seaside shrines and witness the beautiful natural contrasts of Yamaguchi. No filter necessary.

Stretched out in a neat cascading row of bright vermillion, the 123 torii (shrine gates) of the Motonosumi Inari Shrine are one of the most distinctive hotspots representative of Yamaguchi Prefecture. 

Just want to take it easy and cruise for your sightseeing excursion? Perfect for families and those less confident on the roads, this pottering route is a relaxed bicycle tour utilizing local bike paths to meander through Yamaguchi City, the rustic capital city of Yamaguchi Prefecture!

Famous for its spiritual side and old-fashioned vibes, take a ride to a variety of shrines and temples dotting the city. See the best of traditional Japan without getting too far from the contemporary!

Take a cycling trip over the Sea of Japan! Starting at Nagato, we’ll ride over the coastline, and visit Hagi, one of Japan’s most well-preserved castle towns. 

At Hagi, you’ll learn about the Mori Clan and the area’s role in reforming from a Samurai society to the Meiji Restoration. This is a “can’t miss” cycling route for history buffs and those interested in Japanese tradition! 

From between modern buildings and on urban streets to the white stone walls of historic castles and marine blue coastal paths along the Sea of Japan, the Nagato to Hagi cycling route will take you through some of Japan’s most vivid colors! 

Ride along the coastline of the Setonai Ocean and tour Suo Oshima!

Barely a small speck on any map, Suo Oshima is a small island and town of about 17,000 in the Seto Inland Sea. Historically, this island was once host to a work exchange program sending Japanese immigrant workers to Hawai’i in the early 20th century.  Today, Suo Oshima maintains close historical ties with Hawai’i and a sister island relationship with Kauai. 

Whether you pedal fast or pedal slow, you’ll feel at ease cycling amidst the serenity of Japan’s natural scenery! 

Akiyoshidai is unlike any terrain you’ve ever seen!

Known as the largest plateau in Japan, the vast lands of Akiyoshidai are host to countless limestone pinnacles of various sizes. Once a coral reef, the contrast between the  grasslands and the white limestone makes riding along the plateau seem like a journey through a different world. 

Cruise the main road and wind around the highlands! No matter the time of year, the views of Akiyoshidai are always spectacular.