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Who Are We?

Hop On!

We want everybody to enjoy cycling – that’s why we’ve created cycling tours that are fun for everyone! Seeking a casual fun ride on a town bike? Craving a challenging journey on a road bike? Or maybe you’re looking for rough terrains on a mountain bike – with JCTA Cycling Tours, you can choose from a full range of cycling experiences!

We're Local Experts

Our cycling guides are steeped in local knowledge and intimately familiar with the unique appeals of every location. Immerse yourself in a memorable experience featuring popular neighborhood eateries and the lesser-known sights and scenes. Pedal forth, interact with locals, and uncover the finite shades of Japan with a JCTA cycling guide!

Only the Best

All JCTA Cycling Tours are led by professional guides certified by both Cycling UK and the Japan Cycle Tourism Association (JCTA). We’re proud of what we do and we work hard to ensure your cycling tour experience combines the highest level of international expertise and the superb hospitality Japan is famous for.

About Cycling UK and the Japan Cycle Tourism Association

Cycling UK is a British cycling association with a history of more than 140 years promoting cycling and cycling education. In cooperation with the British government, Cycling UK provides cycling instructor education and certification, as well as advanced training for cycling tour guide certification. Guides certified by Cycling UK can be found leading cycling tours and applying their expertise around the world. 


The JCTA provides cycling training, certification, and tours around Japan in cooperation with local governments and cycling associations. We are the sole organization in Japan qualified to offer Cycling UK’s educational curricula for cyclists, cycling instructors, and cycling tour guides.